In Fall 2019 we began another redesign with SBHA, as the theme we were using was no longer being updated.  This was interrupted and delayed many times by their volunteer and board decisions.  SBHA finally decided to go with a WIX site in August 2020.


The Spanish Barb Horse Association (SBHA) has been our client through three website designs now, as of April 2016.

SBHA has always wanted to showcase the Spanish Barb horse. The website allows members and viewers to see on-line information about the horse, SBHA events and personnel, and take care of administrative tasks on-line.

In Spring 2016, we once again did a redesign, as SBHA’s website was looking a little outdated, and wasn’t as responsive as it needed to be.  We were able to keep the information and all the details, too. It’s now easier to reach all that detail. The website is more active.  It uses the images to show the horses. And the text for additional info.

The new Home Page:


The rotator on the home page is a set of pictures of Spanish Barb horses. Sometimes with their owners.  We chose this one for continuity with the old site.  The Home page continues with a section for SBHA events:


And below that event area is another place for important items. And a footer menu.


We adjusted the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page so that it was easier to read, linked to more information if you were interested, and still let you scroll through the FAQ’s.


We left the sidebar there, so you could see more pictures or information at once.

On the Horses For Sale page, we wanted to get the viewers to the horses immediately.  If one catches your eye, all the information is in the toggle.  We left the toggles closed, to showcase the horses.


With the toggle open:


The former Home Page:
In the very beginning, SBHA needed a website that would showcase the Spanish Barb horses. Their original website was 5 pages.  The site was updated a couple of times a year.  In 2013 FastWinn Web added pages for member photos, information and photos of the board members, a resource page and information on how to register your horses.

In Spring 2014 we added an on-line membership application and the ability to pay membership dues on the website.  This has been a great feature.  Now the treasurer doesn’t have to go to the bank as much.  She receives an e-mail when a member pays annual dues.

In 2015 SBHA added a page to promote the stallions and the current and old events.  This was a very large site and had over 30 pages of information.

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