Gouache Art Website – Custom two-page website by FastWinn Web

Al Tucci Art.com is back on the internet!  After having it down for almost a year, Al decided that he wanted a website again.  FastWinn Web was thrilled to have Al as a returning customer.  We listened to what Al wanted, and decided that his site would have very few pages, but be saturated with Al’s gouache art.

teal background and white text flank image of a man facing the camera and art below that he created Home page top screenshot of website by FastWinn Web

We kept the teal and white, but incorporated more of the black that contrasts well with the art.

art background with teal boxes superimposed, white text This is the next third of Al Tucci's new homepage designed by FastWinn Web

Gouache art website uses art as backgrounds!

FastWinn was able to use Al’s art as backgrounds and as sliders on the home page.

black boxes with white text and teal buttons on a background of art another segment of Al Tucci.com's homepage

Gouache art website tells where art now showing!

We were also able to add in features that let his customers see where Al’s gouache art is showing now, and click a button to read more information if they’re interested. Al can still promote his art work without leaving home. And for those interested in Al himself, FastWinn Web added his biography segment, along with some of Al’s early art.

teal box with white text to left of box containing jester with bunch of balloons, art background behind them Another screenshot of FastWinn Web's gouache art website

FastWinn added contact information to each page:

two colums with teal boxes and white text left box has a man standing at a desk Two-page website FastWinn Web built for Al Tucci

Gouache Art Website – plus a gallery page for awesome art!

And then, working with Al Tucci, FastWinn Web also created a gallery page for Al’s most recent art, and immediate pricing for those interested in purchasing prints.

teal background, image of a man and a woman leaning over a table holding an oversize book The top of the Gallery page on Al Tucci's new website by FastWinn Web

teal background with white text at the top, small rectangles with a different image in each below A screenshot of Al's new gallery page on his website

Finally, to show how very talented and meticulous Al is with his creations, we also added some images of art in process.

dark teal background with blanketed figures in the foreground, rabbits all over Art in progress by Al Tucci on his new website

In 2017, Al was once again accepted into theWestern Art Show at the Mountain Oyster Club in Tucson, AZ. His entry was sold!

What can FastWinn Web build to help you promote your items?

We were able to find one image of the former website.

teal turquoise and red image of a homepage with 5 ladies in three pictures all gouache art by Al Tucci on his former website





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