Tired of seeing the same old thing?


Tired of seeing the standard, dull, boring website format?  It doesn’t have to be this way!  We can create a custom website with you!  What do you want the website to do for you?  What colors do you prefer?

What sites have caught your eye, lately?  Maybe you only want 3 pages?  How about one long page?  Something that promotes your portfolio of work:  businesses you’ve dealt with, items you’ve created?  How about pricing lists, countdown timers, staff abilities?

Mobile-ready and Responsive Websites

FastWinn Web creates websites that are mobile-ready and responsive to any size device, and any direction for preferred showing.

We can create separate mobile menus, if that’s what you want to see.  All websites are tested with Google’s tools to verify that Google approves of how your website is viewed on all handheld devices.



WordPress Platform


FastWinn Web designs and builds websites using the WordPress platform.  This allows us to keep costs down and provide for frequent platform updates in security and, well, nifty stuff that makes the site load faster, perform better, and integrate with custom coding.

Using WordPress as a platform also allows us to train you more quickly and easily, if you’re interested in updating your website yourself. If there are elements you want to remove or enhance, that is also quickly and easily done.

Maybe you’re ready to sell on-line?

We can set you up with E-Commerce for your website. Whether you want to use a simple shopping cart, have multiple product pages, or want it all to go via PayPal, we can help you.

Maybe you don’t have items to sell, but rather events to promote, or classes that need registration and ticketing.  We can help you with your forms, your set-up, your gateway, and your tickets.


Website Woes?


  • Thinking about a new site?
  • Want to enhance your current one?
  • What does Custom mean to you and your business?
  • Home Page plus one? Plus two? Just one long Home Page?
  • Not sure what to choose?
  • We can help!