In July 2017 Shirey decided to take her website down.


In Summer 2016 Shirey Keene asked for a free consultation.  Her Keene Design Photography website was working, but taking a lot of time and effort to update. Shirey also wanted to be able to sell photographs and digital downloads from her site.

When we reviewed her old website, we found that it was not dedicated to Shirey.  She needed a domain name.

Shirey’s old site had a good number of pages. It needed more in-page images. It had a cowboy motif, but it made her background rather busy.

The Original Website:


And while the top image with the tree, leaves and name banner was beautiful, it was lost unless you zoomed in the page. Like below.


Her website was about her photography, but the image sizes didn’t showcase her photography.



Shirey’s new home page:


Shirey wanted her viewers to immediately know what event she was next going to shoot. FastWinn Web added events to her home page.  Shirey’s viewers can get an immediate overview of upcoming events. By clicking on the event, her viewers can see details like addresses and times to find Shirey.  Now Shirey can quickly add her photographs to the site and have them available for sale immediately. Viewers no longer have to contact her to download files to them via e-mail. She can easily add her new events so they show on the home page. Then disappear once the event’s over.

Shirey also wanted an easy way for viewers to see her portfolio. We set up organized galleries for her work. Fine Art, Portraits, Rodeos, and Weddings. Viewers can get to those galleries either by the menu or by clicking on a home page image.newhomeportfwbkgrnd


She wanted her services to be immediately obvious, too.  We listed all of her Event and Portrait services. And then added buttons to link to her portfolio galleries.

newportrait1600wnewportrait1st1600wnewportrait2nd1600wHer phone number is at the bottom of every page. We also added buttons for those viewers who didn’t want to scroll down to the bottom. Or back up to the menu to be able to contact Shirey.  Finally, Shirey Keene of Keene Design Photography wanted people to easily find her on Facebook. And on her Instagram account.  We added the icons for following, and additional icons for sharing.



And for that final “Old West” touch, put the boot back on.


Shirey had an affordable, linked-up WordPress website that promoted her photography portfolio and showed her events. Through e-commerce, viewers could easily purchase and digitally download her images.

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