In March of 2020 Nora finally had some time to review all her advertising, and decided that this website wasn’t active enough to keep. 


In August Nora had some dogs she wanted to promote on the home page, and one puppy. We added the puppy first, below text to let you know what website this is.

Then we added the puppy’s information.

And then gave you a closeup of the puppy’s face.

Then we promoted the dogs. First one is Ben. Note how the menu still scrolls down with the page, despite the length.

And a front view of Ben, along with a short description.

We repeated this for JoJo.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any pictures of Brody.

We hope to find marvelous homes for these animals, and then update the website again when new puppies are available.

Spring 2018  Animal Breeding Website – Royaile Welsh Springer Spaniels  Website Revamp!

Royaile’s website was originally built as an HTML site. For a long time we wanted to update it to the WordPress platform and incorporate all the great things that platform includes.  We finally got permission from Nora to update.

The Home page opens with an image of the great champion who began one of their breeding lines. Nora chose the colors to complement the natural colors in the dogs.  FastWinn Web also added a background image of a dog. It shows up behind the other images as you scroll down the page.

As you scroll down the page, it then continues with another champion.  Each image is the same size, with a caption to show which dog is seen. The top menu scrolls down the page with you, so you always have access to the other menu items.

Then there’s an image of the champions that have come from Nora’s breeding program.  Each image is offset by its own special segment floating against the overall background. This set-up adds that professional impact that FastWinn Web designs into our websites.

We were able to get a short video of the latest litter of puppies playing, and added that in for people to watch. We didn’t want to have it auto-play, as people would be looking at the prior pictures and would miss it.

We also didn’t want to require people to play it; we put in a simple white play button. The puppies are really cute! And one can see the video play without seeing the title all the time.

The Home Page ends with a segment about Nora and Jerry. It zooms to a larger size. And below that is the footer information, about where to contact the Carltons, and a repeat of the simple top menu. This might seem redundant, as the top menu travels down the page as you scroll, but it’s another way to have people remember that there are other pages, too.

The next page on this animal breeding website is all about the latest litters of puppies. We start with the introductory text and have a picture of a group of puppies.

Then, because it’s difficult to get close-up details of the puppies, and to add some animation to this page, we added a slideshow. This is one piece.

And here’s another of a puppy in motion.

And the last page is a contact page. This also has a nice animation effect, and the footer is present on this page, too. It’s presented int two pieces:  the top introduction and then the actual on-line fillable form.  The form has built-in captcha, to help prevent spam.

The former Home Page:


And the actual image of the fur behind everything.

Royaile Welsh Springer Spaniels website design by FastWinn Web Tucson, AZ

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