In early 2021 Royaile Kennel sold the dog boarding business and moved away from Pima County.

Royaile Kennel was our first website customer.  We did their first website in the late 90’s and over the years have created 4 designs for them.  Their website promotes their kennel business, giving their clients updated information on rates, conditions, and services one can add during a pet’s stay.

Their former site showed a few photos of Royaile Kennel’s landscaped grounds, a few photos of the employees, and text.  While it had multiple pages, a new client had to view more than one page to find out needed information.  The former design emphasized more that Royaile Kennel was an amazing place, not that their boarding and grooming services were equally superb.


Royaile Kennel


On July 16, we went live with a new WordPress website for Royaile Kennel. This site features a home page with a photo slider, testimonials and photos of the staff.  This was our first website design to feature photos and short bios of staff.  Royaile Kennel has added upgrades and upgrade packages for their customers.  We added an upgrades page to showcase the new upgrades, and adjusted the pages to find information faster.  Below is the new home page for Royaile Kennel.




Nifty site stuff


Custom design

Home page Call-To-Action rotator

Important information boxes

Portfolio page for Upgrades

Rates summary pop-up

Responsive pages

Optimized SEO

Staff information

Site revamp

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