December 2018 Joyce was elected to the Oro Valley Town Council. She no longer needed the website.

June 2018 As her schedule filled up with events where she would be meeting the public, Joyce decided she wanted to add an events area:

As you can see, adding additional items is seamless. If Joyce wants to emphasize something, it can easily move up or down the page.

May 2018  When we added the article link to our write-up here, Joyce decided she wanted a section to promote that, too.

April 2018 Joyce Jones-Ivey approached us for a website, as she’d decided to run for a town council position in Oro Valley, AZ.  She wanted it to be direct and easy to navigate.  Yet, it still needed to have motion, interest, and information.  Together, we decided on a custom one-page site.

Joyce’s picture on the home page zooms in, so you can see the full picture. Her phone and e-mail address show in an eye-catching yellow, and are present all the time.  We added the desert landscape as the background to the site, and then the blue behind the sections.  The site showcases Joyce and what she’s about, but still presents visual interest.

The menu moves down the page as the viewer scrolls down to see all the sections.  We can easily add new sections, remove sections, or change the page background if Joyce decides she wants something different in a couple of months.  The button section is a different color against the desert, and stands out.

Next is her platform and pledge to her constituents.  Consistency in color here keeps it professional, but still easy to read. The yellow here indicates the important information headers and buttons.  The white is easy to read against the blue.  Since this is one of Joyce’s ways of reaching the public, we wanted it to be visually striking.

We all really liked this image, as it mentions everything that Joyce stands for and wants to accomplish for Oro Valley.  Joyce Jones-Ivey was mentioned in the Northwest Explorer on May 16, 2018.

As you can see, the menu follows down the page, so it’s always available.  Clicking a menu item brings the viewer to that point on this page.  Rather than to another page.

The Contact Joyce form also zooms into the frame.  Again, the yellow titles and buttons indicate important information.  We added sponsors and Facebook to the footer.  The Donate button goes to Joyce’s PayPal account, making it easy and secure for people to donate to her campaign.

The site is calm, professional, presents specific information, allows for commerce, and is visually interesting.  What can FastWinn Web do for you?

Nifty Site Stuff

Custom One-Page site

Home Page – some zoom-in images

Image as background

Menu items link to Home Page sections

Contact form on Home Page

E-Commerce via PayPal