In December of 2019, we updated Dru’s website to be a little more rockin’!

New Home Page:

Former Home Page:

The new Home page is easier to read, has the list of events immediately in view, and adds the Booking form for a one-step item. Dru can see all his upcoming events, and add the new ones.

For a list of upcoming events, Dru has a list that begins with today’s date. Each event has its own picture and information. Check it out!

New Events Page:

Former Events Page:


In 2016 we built a website for Dru Jaxin Vocalist located in Las Vegas, NV.  Drew wanted a website he could update himself with his shows, videos and photos.

He also wanted to showcase his music. Dru can download his latest numbers to his home page for his fans’ delight.  His website allows Dru to update information on his current shows, and fit that maintenance into his busy schedule. When the show is over, it is automatically removed from the home page.

Dru also has a blog on this site to inform his fans of the latest songs, interviews and events.


Dru Jaxin website design by FastWinn Web Tucson, AZ

Nifty site stuff


Custom site

E-commerce ready

Mobile responsive

Custom logo

Custom font

Music embedded in theme

Events show on home page

Events show in date order on their own page

Client updates text and events


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