In 2021 they had a change of board members, and chose to use Squarespace for their website.

In the fall of 2020, CASA approached us for a website revamp. They wanted to be able to accept dues, show registrations and entries on-line. They’d also had their color scheme for a long time, and wanted something different. Working with Frani, we came up with a new scheme, and a condensed menu. 

This became one of our 2020 revamps. See it here.

This summer we were asked to do a proposal for a new website for the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona (CASA).  Joyce and I (Maureen) met with Jan Sennewald and Frani Bopp to understand what they needed.  The CASA website was working well for the organization.  The issue was that their webmaster had resigned and there wasn’t anyone to do the updates.  They wanted a site that could be updated by a member.

We looked over the existing site and found it functional.  Joyce and I put our heads together on a proposal and submitted it to the CASA board.  The proposal gave them three options and three different prices.  After they considered their options the decision was made, and we started work on the website.

The original website was an html site with no photo rotators and a gallery for the members.  It also included forms for their exhibits, workshops, and membership forms on a forms page.


CASA old website


The calendar page was a list of their monthly meetings.


CASA old website


The home page had a welcome statement and an image.


CASA old website


During our design phase we tried several different templates and background images.  We all agreed on home page with a photo slider.  The CASA slider would feature recent award winning art and the artists.  The background was a red digital image that Maureen created from several of her photographs.  CASA decided to go with a theme of red, purple, turquoise and pale yellow.


CASA new website design FastWinn Web Tucson Arizona


To organize the site to be more user friendly, the exhibits and workshops were listed under Events, and on their own pages.  The appropriate flyers and forms were located next to the exhibits and workshops.


CASA new website design FastWinn Web Tucson Arizona

Meetings and programs are listed on a separate page.  The new page also has a map to the meeting location and a Join CASA button.

The CASA gallery page has a list of the member artists and a link to their individual artist page with a gallery of their work.

The new website for the CASA was designed to be mobile friendly.  Visitors using a smart phone, iPad or other mobile devices will be able to view the website.

We installed basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the website pages and images.  This will give the CASA website good position in the Google searches.

Once the website was live we held a training session for Jan and Frani.  Frani is now updating the website with images for the home page slider.  She has created several artists’ pages and updated the exhibits page.

The new website has been well received by the members and we are very proud of our work.

What does CASA think of their new website?

“We were first impressed with the level of Maureen’s artistic response to building our organization’s website. The cost was well spent and we love our  new CASA website.  They listened patiently to our desires and applied their expertise to the new  site. We now have a hopefully long term relationship and a successful site that will please our members and visitors as well. There is added comfort knowing Maureen and Joyce will be maintaining the site for us.”


Jan Sennewald  President

Frani Bopp – Newsletter

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