Are you always trying to do 5 different things at once?  Does maintaining and updating your website never quite make it to the top of your list?

Let FastWinn Web handle your WordPress website for you!

Has there been an increase in hackers?  How is your website doing for memory?  Is anyone trying to add in malicious code?  Does everything play nicely together?  Is it all up-to-date?  FastWinn Web checks this for you, blocks potential hackers, and returns your focus to your business.

We recommend adding Wordfence security for starters. This is an annual subscription that costs  $100.00 per year.  With this installed, your site is as free as is ever possible from hackers.  Wordfence continually upgrades its code and protects your site from blacklisted IP addresses in real time.

We access your site on a regular basis to check its status:  does anything need to be updated?  When was it last changed, and is it stable?  WordPress upgrades the platform about quarterly. Other plug-ins and themes upgrade on a very random basis. Some plug-ins cease to be maintained, and then we look for a new one that performs the same functions.  Some updates have bugs that cause other plug-ins to fail.

Wordfence is only one type of security that is available for websites.  You can also add an SSL certificate as visible website security.

Do you have other security concerns?  What type of security are you looking for?  With whom are you hosted? How often are items updated?  Are you getting messages that you have security issues?  What security do you have on your website, and when was it last updated?