Does your website have enough visual interest?

If you’ve wandered through the pages on FastWinn Web, you’ve by now noticed all the images.  If you haven’t wandered yet, go ahead.

We have background images, section images, photo rotator images.

We have galleries of images and there’s a slideshow in the footer that shows on every page.

Many were images taken by FastWinn Photography.  Some were heavily Photoshopped.


What are your customers seeing on your pages?

Not all image have to be about your website.  Some images may recall the name of your website. Some may lead your customers to remember your products or services by association with a great image.

Some images are easier to recall than others.  Maybe they won’t remember your website’s name, but they can find it by image.

Some images can be used to make people think.

Sometimes an image isn’t about the overall impression, but as in our background about the focal point.


Some images fit perfectly into the website.

They draw attention to your page.

They represent your product.

Some images look neutral, but then have that unexpected element.


Add color and images to your website!