You have a domain, but where do you go from here?


There are multiple options for you to consider:  GoDaddy will help you, WIX will give you a free site, and each day sees more large companies advertise that they build websites.

Why not build it yourself?

The idea of building a website yourself is attractive.  You can save money and get something on-line.  And you can see what you’ve accomplished.  And when you purchase a domain, some companies include complimentary hosting.

Do you have the time to build the website yourself?  This will be the first impression viewers will have of what you want to promote. Most of us with businesses are too busy to dedicate our time to just one thing.  There are too many things to get accomplished, and we forget where we left off last.

GoDaddy has pre-packaged formats. Will your site be forced to their format?
If you want to have the website do something incredible later on, and buy a plug-in to do that, it may not be compatible with GoDaddy’s servers.

WIX sounds like a great idea, at first. They’re based in Central Europe, which poses a hazard to security for your website. Who owns what you load to your website?

We can help!

FastWinn Web is based in the United States.  We will happily explain any terms you might not understand.  Let us help you with all the items that go into making a website functional, beautiful, secure, high-ranking with search engines, well-maintained, and ready for upgrades.

Let us help you with your website!