Richard T Hanson asked us to design a website to promote his Broadway tours and his Musical lectures.  Richard is extremely knowledgeable about the old and current Broadway musicals.

Richard T. Hanson lectures on Broadway Musicals tours lectures website by FastWinn Web Tucson, Arizona

We designed Richard T with color, music and a lot of energy.  It was our goal to work with Richard to design a website to reflect his personality.  We started with the theatre stage look and built the site from there.  What is a website about Broadway musicals without music?  Well, that would be like iced tea without ice!

The website started out with music on the home page, then quickly included music on all the pages.  We added the option to control the volume and to turn off the music for the visitors.  We do hope that you enjoy the music as much as we do.

Richard’s site was one of the first we used a new SEO plugin to help with Google ranking.  Within a few weeks of go-live Richard’s website was on the first page of Google searches.  His website continues to rank high in Google searches.

Nifty site stuff


Custom design

Audio player and audio on each page

Custom banner and logo

Customized home page

Customized images on each page

Events display on the home page


Optimized SEO


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