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July 2019 Ray asked for a few updates to his website. We added two new clients to his home slider, and a Blog page so Ray could keep his clients updated on where he’d be.

October 2018 Ray asked to have a new client added to his Home slider. And, with each addition, we add another logo to the Home footer slideshow! Check it out, by clicking here!

April 2018 Ray gave us a new image for the Home Page, to advertise the Projects Page.

February 2018 Ray asked for a few updates to his website. We added a Projects Page.

This new page has a colored background behind the text.  The background image changes as you scroll down the page.

The background images are also of projects that Ray has been involved with.

We also changed his main menu around, so viewers could get to the important pages much faster.  Ray was very happy with the changes made to his website. Google was also happy, and Ray’s website improved in Google’s site rankings.


2016 Ray Valenzuela, president of OneValenzuela Group, wanted a new site.  A website that would allow him to better market his services and the products he represents. His former site no longer met Ray’s needs.  The old website did not look good on mobile devices.  We met with Ray to discuss different website templates for his new site.  His logo was already designed.  FastWinn Web incorporated his logo and tagline into the design.




Ray promotes green and sustainable products.  We picked a great photo of a mine that Ray supplied as a background image.  There was a lot of green in that image.  We added more green in the menu backgrounds.  The main colors on the site are the green, silver and black all taken from the OneValenzuela Group logo.

OneValenzuela Group chose the Premium Business Package and added a couple of enhancements to it.  Ray wanted to list the events he was attending.  We installed an Events calendar plugin for Ray’s site.  You can see where Ray will be and when. It has Google map locations, too.  It also is easy for Ray to maintain and update.

It is a Projects and Products website.

He wanted to show before and after images of products in use.  We incorporated those images into the home page photo rotator.  The rotator also has text for “Calls To Action.”  The text invites the visitor to learn more about Ray’s services.

The descriptions of the services OneValenzuela Group provides are listed on his Services Page.  This was a new page for Ray as the old site had the services and products on one page.

He wanted easy navigation.  When a visitor clicked on the Calls-to-Action images on the home page they would go to that individual pageOnce on that page they would have to use a back arrow to return the home page to see the other Calls to Actions.  FastWinn Web added the same rotator to the bottom of each Calls-to-Action page.  The rotator duplicates the Calls-to-Action from the Home page. Clicking on the image, More Info button, or the title gets you to that Call-to-Action without going back to the home page.

In the footer, we added a rotator for the products he represents. We gave OneValenzuela Group another for the associations Ray has.  Now he can switch rotators out to give the website a new look.


OneValenzuela Group new website designed by FastWinn Web


When we reviewed the site, we realized there were no images of Ray.  Maureen from FastWinn Photography took some photos of Ray for the website.  We added one photo of Ray to the home page and one to the About page. We also added a favicon.

Ray wanted a way for visitors to the site to connect with him on social media.  We provided links to his Facebook page, Twitter and his LinkedIn account at the bottom of every page.

OneValenzuela Group now has an interesting, dynamic and linked-up website!  What can FastWinn Web Design do for you?


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