Royaile Kennel

Royaile Kennel was one of FastWinn Web’s first customers when Maureen started building websites in the late 1990’s.  They’ve had 4 website redesigns over the years.  The site’s brought lots of customers and comments to Royaile Kennel.

Now, as more people use their mobile devices to access information from anywhere, Royaile needed a website redesign.  We built Royaile Kennel on a WordPress platform this time.  Currently Royaile has been changing their marketing from boarding your pet to providing additional services.

Royaile Kennel’s old website:

Website redesign old website Royaile Kennel FastWinn Web Tucson AZ



These new services included what the pets could do or have done while at the kennel.  Their new website design focuses on the new upgrades. Most of their customers are regulars and dropping off their pets feeling secure in their care.  Royaile Kennel wanted their site to feature what else Royaile has to offer.

During the process we consulted with Royaile Kennel staff to coordinate with their new marketing campaign.  The new website redesign features all new photos and details on their new upgraded services.   The beautiful mocha color went well with dogs as a subject.  Subtle hints of blue and green are backgrounds to pages within the site.

In the new website redesign for the home page we added a photo slider with calls to action.  The Home page also has information about staff and testimonials from customers.  The menu was grouped by the animal a customer would be boarding: cats or dogs or day care only .


We adjusted other pages for quick review:  service, hours, staff, and location.  There’s now a map in the bottom menu and a dedicated page for Royaile’s service packages.  FastWinn Web loaded the site with pictures of the beautiful grounds and happy pets. And in the background, a premium security package and maximized search engine optimization (SEO).


Within one week of going live, Royaile Kennel is on page one of Google search for cat boarding Tucson.  Before the redesign, cat boarding Tucson didn’t bring up Royaile on Google.

In a search of dog boarding Tucson, Royaile Kennel is on page 1 in number 4 position.  Before the new design the same Google search, Royaile was on page 2 in the number 5 position.  The SEO FastWinn built into Royaile Kennel is working very well!

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Website Redesign:

Website redesign of Royaile Kennel FastWinn Web Tucson AZ